OpenTranslators is a volunteer organization of over 3k translators who translate Joomla! extensions. With a Joomla specific Translation Memory & experienced Joomla translators, our aim is to enable Joomla to go out to the whole world in their own language. From large commercial extensions to individual developers, all share translators for the benefit of everyone.

This organization uses Transifex to localize their projects and reach thousands of people.
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Public projects
  • 2 Click Social Buttons - Joomla!    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Joomla! Plugin - 2CSB

  • Adminpraise    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Take back control at your backend!

  • AlphaUserPoints    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Localization Project for AUP

  • amoCourse Basic/Pro    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Manage any kind of Courses

  • Author Info Box - Joomla!    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Joomla! Plugin - AIB

  • Auto Subscription for Kunena - Joomla!    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Joomla! Plugin - ASK

  • BabDev Library API Test Project    (Translated in 4 languages)

    BabDev Library API Test Project

  • Backend Language Switcher - Joomla!    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Joomla! Module - BLS

  • Balbooa 6gallery    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Balbooa 6gallery

  • Balbooa 6popups    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Balbooa 6popups

  • Balbooa 6slides    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Balbooa 6slides

  • Balbooa 6tweets    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Balbooa 6tweets

  • Broadcast    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Social Sync for Joomla

  • CB Incomplete Info    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Display a warning for incomplete profile

  • ccInvoices    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Joomla! invoicing extension

  • ccNewsletter    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Joomla! newsletter extension

  • CComment    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Translations for CompojoomComment

  • CheckList    (Translated in 88 languages)


  • citruscart    (Translated in 0 languages)


  • CjBlog    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CjBlog is a free Joomla blogging component with social touch.

  • CjForum    (Translated in 102 languages)


  • CMandrill    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CMandrill is a Joomla extension that integrates with the Mandrill API to enable fast email delivery and awesome transactional email experience for your joomla users.

  • CMC - Mailchimp for Joomla!    (Translated in 102 languages)

    A Joomla extension that integrates with the Mailchimp API

  • CMigrator    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Translations for CMigrator

  • CNotes    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CNotes is a Joomla! extension & module that lets your users create private notes on each & every page of your site.

  • CoalaWeb Contact    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CoalaWeb Contact is a complete contact form package designed to give users a quick and easy way to place contact forms anywhere within their Joomla website.

  • CoalaWeb Flair    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CoalaWeb Flair is a module that lets you display your flair from several StackExchange sites individually or combined into one.

  • CoalaWeb Gears    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CoalaWeb Gears is a system plugin that is included with all CoalaWeb extensions.

  • CoalaWeb Social Links    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CoalaWeb Social Links is a complete social media package to help your site visitors bookmark content, follow you through a variety of social networks and vote for particular content with social buttons.

  • CoalaWeb Traffic    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CoalaWeb Traffic is a Joomla extension designed to help you keep track of the visitors to your site.

  • Cocoate Embed Chapter    (Translated in 102 languages)

    A small plugin to load any chapter from the website

  • cocoate Joomla Book Feed Module    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Lists free books for download

  • Community Answers    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Community Answers is a Yahoo Answers like Web 2.0 QnA component for Joomla. It not only allow your website users to ask questions and answer the question asked by others but has much more features built into it.

  • Community Crosswords    (Translated in 102 languages)

    A Joomla component to create and play crosswords

  • Community Polls    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Community polls is a Joomla component that allow your users to create polls and cast their votes on polls. Unlike other polls components, Community Polls allow your users to create polls from front end itself.

  • Community Quiz    (Translated in 102 languages)

    A powerful Joomla component create and share quizzes with user friendly web 2.0 interface.

  • Community Quotes    (Translated in 102 languages)

    A community driven system for publishing and sharing quotes. Your users can submit and discuss the valuable words quoted by famous people and celebrities.

  • Community Surveys    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Create the surveys using web 2.0 survey component like never before. Community Surveys allow you to create the surveys with ease and comfort. Surveys are created from front-end itself.

  • Comparison Chart    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Comparison Chart component for Joomla!

  • Compojoom library    (Translated in 102 languages)

    The compojoom library is a set of function & classes that we use in all our extensions (installation, custom fields etc). Nothing fancy, but nevertheless important :)

  • compojoom-mydigipass    (Translated in 102 languages) integration for Joomla! by compojoom!

  • content2pdf    (Translated in 88 languages)


  • CoreJoomla API Library (CjLib)    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CjLib component is the core API library for all corejoomla components. It provides basic API and functionality,

  • Countdown-Up Big - Joomla!    (Translated in 88 languages)

    Joomla! Module - CDUB

  • CrowdFunding    (Translated in 102 languages)

    This is Joomla! extension that provides crowdfunding functionality, and it is used for creating and managing websites for collective fundraising.

  • Css4K2 plugin    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Manage specific css per K2 template

  • CTemplate    (Translated in 102 languages)

    A Joomla plugin that allows you to assign different frontend template to a specific joomla user group.

  • CTransifex    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CTransifex is a Joomla extension that grabs the latest translation files from transifex and automatically builds a joomla language pack with them.

  • CUpdater    (Translated in 102 languages)

    CUpdater is a joomla plugin that checks for new joomla + extension updates and if it finds one sends you a mail

  • DigiStore    (Translated in 102 languages)

    Joomla Extension for Shopping Cart & Membership, great solution for selling both Digital & Shipable products